TT 8022 Articulated

Automated sugar cane planter


This billet planter performs six tasks in one single pass, designed and built to operate effortlessly for medium and large scale projects. The design eliminates gaps in fields with multiple complex curves and steep inclination in fields by bringing the planting point as close to the hitching point as possible. Another key feature the articulation allows saving time in maneuvers infield at the end of every row requiring to restart the planting of a new furrow with only having to align the tractor independently from the hopper

Main Features

Saving seed: distribution without fails allowing low density of seed cane.
High speed performance: designed to plant at an average of 0.8 hectares an hour (with experienced operators production of up to 1.2 hectares an hour are achieved)
Uniformity of distribution: fixed rate distribution as per client specification
Articulated: opener furrow system is located in the three point hitch of the tractor working as an independent unit from the hopper obtaining maximum agility in maneuvers (40% less of time of turns).
• Hitch: three point to tractor
• Hopper capacity: 6 to 8 tons
• Power required: +160HP
• Open furrow system: disc type.
• Covering system: disc type.
• Front wheels: 2 tires 10.5/65-16.
• Rear wheels: 4 tires 400/60-22.5.

• Total machine weight: 6.800 kg.
• Fertilizer hopper volume: 700 kg.
• Liquid tank volume: 500 lt optional/additional 1.000 lt.
• Width: 2.32 m (low part of the hopper).
• Height: 3.90 m (upper part of the hopper).
• Rear axle wheels: 1800 mm (from center to center of the wheels).
• Loading height: 4800 mm to obtain better placing of the seed cane in the hopper.
• Width of loading with infield trailer from the side: 4000 mm.
• Rear width for loading with infield trailer: 3700 mm.
• Necessary tractor hydraulic outputs: 2 (two).
• Comes factory fitted with an electro-hydraulic circuit for easy control by the operator from his seat via a control panel inside the cabin.
• Working speed: 8 to 12 km an hour.
• Size of opener disc for double line: 24” x 6 mm concavity: 70mm. Larger discs in size and concavity are feasible to be installed if a deep sub-surfaced furrow is required.
• Optional: “Hummingbird” furrow type for single line.
• Optional: straight discs 32”.
• Covering disc size: 24” x 6 mm
• Thickness: 6 mm; Concavity: 70 mm. Supports larger and smaller dimensions of discs.


Six tasks in one single pass

  1. 1.

    Opens furrow with depth regulation up to 45 cms with Hummingbird type system or 25cms depth with disc opener type system.
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  2. 2.

    Distributes seed cane at adjustable fixed rate thanks to a dosing system controlled by an automatic rpm system thus achieving the amount required at any speed and terrain.
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  3. 3.

    Sprays seed cane with liquids at a fixed rate. Liquids are able to be sprayed either during the falling in the slides or direct into the ground just before the covering.
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  4. 4.

    Distributes solid or liquid fertilizer at a fixed rate adjusting amount following the speed of work.

  5. 5.

    Covers the seed cane with concave disc 18” allowing the use of the humid soil from the sides of the wall of the open furrow making a row with a sub-surfaced cover. Or else, using straight steel sheets allowing a bed form leveled with the ground.

  6. 6.

    Sealing roller to avoid air pockets, form of roller upon client request (complete, barrel, etc).

Type of furrow

Row distance

Covering forms


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